Education for Conservation

There runs through all conservation literature the notion of a common, or public, community good that differs from the self-interest, the “selfishness,” of private operators, especially those with great financial power. To define and enforce this common good, governmental action and public education are needed.

Practical Conservation Management

The aim of this wiki is to to present the principles and practice of conservation management in the context of education and training for sustainable development. The format is a knowledge framework and a set of community toolkits for integrating ecology, culture, education and sustainability to make an action plan. In this context, conservation management is equated with planning for sustainability in all aspects of community life. The central idea is that by declaring a locality a 'Place With A Plan' any neighbourhood becomes a distinctive place worthy of environmental improvement. This requires a community conservation management plan, which can be modelled on the preservation or enhancement of its green heritage assets. The plan can then be developed for managing other community assets, such as transport, security, energy use, tidiness, and opportunities for employment and recreation.